Pearl MATE 5.0

User Manual




Installation is very easy as no username
or password required to login to Live system


After Installation
Getting Started with Pearl MATE 5.0


Simply click Software Updater on top right panel

If you see a green check your good to go

Anything else you should click icon and refresh

If any updates are available you choose to install all of them
or you choose by checking files you want updated.

sudo apt-get update as well sudo apt-get install ...
are still fully supported for the users who choose
a terminal for these tasks.

This insures that system will completely update all data properly

The Pearl MATE Software Manager
 Software manager located inside the MATE Control Center.


Additional Software is available through our repository
You can install this software through the Software Manager,
Pearl Featured Software APP, command line or synaptic.

The 32 and 64 bit versions of Pearl MATE default software
that is pre installed does vary a bit however you may install
your choice after initial install. Example is 32 bit comes with
Chromium as default browser you may add any other browser
as well as remove the default without any issues.

The Repository for Pearl MATE's  ELLE release (5.0) also has
pre packaged some software.


1) gdebi ( easy deb file installer with GUI)
2) seamonkey ( Internet suite - includes browser/email/HTML editor)
3) pearl-software ( Pearl's Featured Software APP)
4) conky, conky-all, and conky-manager
( Pre installed on 32 bit version)
After installing these conky packages to get the look of our
interface that includes the customized script that shows IP
address, the gotham theme etc you should also install
pearl-conky-default and after installing this package you need
to use "Cntrl h" (to show hidden files) then go to the /etc/skel directory
and copy the ".conky"  directory to your home directory.

Pearl MATE PPA Management
You can add PPA's through the Sources Interface.
(PPA's usually not available through command line)

Pearl MATE comes with full
system sound effects


To activate check box as above
and use PearlLinux sound theme

Quickly change System Layout to and from Windows and MAC

using MATE Tweak and MATE Appearances

1st) select the theme from Appearance Preferences

2nd) Use MATE Tweak Interface section to choose panel layout

3rd) Again using MATE Tweak under Windows choose
the window button layout (right or left)

4th) Finally if you choose to change the window manager
you can now do this. If you desire the special 3d effects
you will want to choose Compiz.

Change plank dock theme, etc.

To change plank bottom dock setting click on pearl logo on the far left of dock.


Thunar (finder) Extra custom right click commands

You must be within the thunar file manager to use custom commands.)
(for instance if you were to right click on desktop nautilus handles changing wallpaper)


send to printer

Simply highlight file then right click send to printer
example above the file good2.jpg will send to default printer

example print

E speak

read it to me

To have computer read (speak to) you a file again, within Thunar, highlight file
then right click "Read Me This File"

BTW ---> lol I highlightighted a wrong file one time told it to Read it and
lol... man it wouldn't shut the ... up... I made a shortcut to kill all e-speak
if you want the dude to stop talking just right click  "Stop E Speak"

Also, we only installed the default e-speak voice. There are many more available.

OPEN Thunar as ROOT

root thunar

You can easily tell when working in the root file manager
mode ... gold warning bar seems to do the trick.